Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

“Nothing hits home like hearing your own inner wisdom. This work gets to that. It’s simple and profound.” Michael Lee

Yoga Therapy New Orleans Louisiana

Sessions can be customized to all levels of fitness and flexibility.

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session is a one-on-one, client -centered session that combines meditation,breathwork, assisted and supported yoga postures and compassionate dialogue.This non-prescriptive approach allows clients to explore sensations and emotions through their bodies in a non-judgmental setting. Clients often gain  greater mental and emotional clarity around significant life issues, release tension in their bodies and gain a sense of  physical, emotional and spiritual well being. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

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Yoga - Gentle Leg Stretch

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy incorporates practitioner assisted stretches and yoga postures with open ended dialogue.

Individual Yoga Therapy Sessions

 The most profound changes happen from the inside out.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is an experiential and introspective process that allows clients to explore the connection between what’s happening in their bodies and what’s happening in their life. Sessions combine practitioner assisted stretches and yoga  postures with an open ended dialogue process that is non-directive of outcome.

Cost: $90 per 60 minute session ($80/ session with a series of 4 or more pre-paid sessions) Sliding Scale ($40-$90) is available based on income. Please inquire!

Video: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Amy Archinal

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